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How’s your bark right now?
falling off
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What’s your leaf style?
high tight salad
long and swoopy
bare like winter
corn rows
perfect and shiny
spiky like needles
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If you ever fell, what would you say?
I meant to do that
Whatever, standing is so 5 minutes ago
Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up
I just can’t even
Totally. Can’t. Even.
I can’t even, even
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How deep are your roots?
way deep
all over the place
that’s between me & my tree doctor
just deep enough
you don’t even know
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If you were a tree, how old would you be?
Totes newbie, just a sapling
This ain’t my first tree rodeo
Old enough to know better
Pre-Civil War relic
I am legend!
I must maintain my mystery
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What’s the best way to celebrate Arbor Day?
use less paper
plant a tree
recycle used paper
donate to a pro-forest organization
marry a tree
all of the above