What CelebriTree are you?
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What’s your favorite kind of tree?
christmas tree, all lit up
palm tree with huge coconuts
tall and ancient redwood
super sappy maple
strong and stable oak
Apple trees that make iPhones
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What’s your leaf style?
high tight salad
long and swoopy
bare like winter
corn rows
perfect and shiny
spiky like needles
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How’s your bark look?
falling off
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What's on your Arbor Day agenda?
use less paper
plant a tree
recycle used paper
donate to a pro-forest organization
marry a tree
all of the above
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If paper was made from humans, who gets put in the chipper?
grandparents only
my spouse
that bully from 4th grade
lawyers & politicians first
whoever is in front of me in traffic
OK! I get it. Paper is murder.
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What's the best thing about trees?
they’re sooooo pretty
they help me cool off in the shade
they pull carbon from the atmosphere
they make homes for birds and animals
they stop erosion of precious topsoil
a great source of fiber