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Looking for more info on Arbor Day? Looking for ways you can make a direct difference? Find out how you can help, right in your own backyard or on the other side of the world. Check out our links—the forests will thank you.

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Arbor Day Foundation

Find information about planting and caring for trees, Rain Forest Rescue and Tree City USA programs from the official site of the Arbor Day Foundation.

American Forests

Find answers to common questions about the worlds forest and how we can help save them. Plus learn about the United Nations’ Billion Tree Campaign and how you can help.

My Minnesota Woods

Get answers to questions about Minnesota’s forest and find resources about planning trees in Minnesota’s woodlands. This website is a service of the University of Minnesota Extension and Department of Forest Resources.


An artistic mission to help trees.

KNOCK is collecting tree-inspired art in celebration of Arbor Day. Our goal is to plant 2,012 trees—but it won't happen without you.

Do your share.

Check out the we heART trees gallery, and share your favorites. Every time you “like” or tweet (or retweet or re-re-retweet) artwork, we add to our donation to tree organizations locally, nationally, and around the world.

Share your art.

Upload your own tree-inspired masterpiece. We're talking paintings, drawings, songs, videos, poems, spoken word, photographs, seed art, anything that inspires your love of trees. Check out our digital requirements then get artsy with us!

What you'll support

Every time you share or tweet a weheARTtrees artwork, it brings us closer to our goal of planting 2,102 trees. This year, KNOCK is supporting three organizations working to restore and preserve our forests:

  • Tree Trust, Minnesota
    An organization partnering with people throughout the state to improve their lives and transform our green landscapes.
  • National Park Foundation
    A partnership with the National Park Service that safeguards our heritage of natural spaces and national parks programs.
  • The Atlantic Forest of Brazil through the Plant a Billion Trees Project
    The Nature Conservancy is working to preserve one million acres of tropical forest through this program.

No trees were harmed in the creation of our rules and terms of use.


We heart trees. But who are we? is brought to you by KNOCK. Arbor Day is our thing, so we wrap a nice big tree hug around the holiday and commit to raising money to improve the global environment every year.

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A poem as lovely as a tree. Or a photo. Or a video.

Submit your tree-inspired art, whether it’s a song, a snapshot, spoken word or seed art. Your artwork will become part of our gallery of sharable art—and remember, every time your artwork is shared, it means more trees get their roots in the ground.

* Please submit only your own original art. Respect the copyrights of fellow artists and do not submit anything that is not your own work. Plagiarism and copyright infringement make trees cry.

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